Ruminari"Called In Sick For Work Today"

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  • Dquick215
    4 months ago

    Great synth work on the high end. Drums knock as well but I'm not loving the chords. Maybe it's just the sounds but sounds too much like a video game to me. tight gif though - fits the beat well.

  • Williebeemen
    4 months ago

    Like the overall beat, greatly enjoyed the mix - felt too busy for me. If you're going for a writer/artist some of the percussion and synth lines seemed to add a counter groove that might through off a writer, if you're going for an instrumental only I might add some more drops and turn around a for more dynamic transitions. Just imo.

  • Loganbrondo
    4 months ago

    I really like the little percussion you had in the beginning and some parts, I just wish you utilized that element more and added more percs like that. Synths on the other hand arent my favorite sound, I feel they could have better quality but dope idea fr!